Nutrigenomics Genetic Testing

Experience the Power of Precision Wellness

Our DNA shapes the core of our wellness and vitality.

The first step in a truly personalized wellness journey begins with understanding your genetic foundation.


You can uncover the secrets locked within your genetic code through the precision guidance of nutrigenomics genetic testing. Our nutrigenomics genetic test helps you gain invaluable insights into your individual genetic blueprint and how it influences your body's ability to process and optimize the nutrients you consume. Understanding your unique genetic strengths and limitations can help you make specific wellness choices that can benefit you for the rest of your life. 

Our Nutrigenomics Genetic Test results are organized into nine core foundational wellness areas. In addition to providing your genetic results, we include guidance on key lifestyle, health, and nutritional supplement choices to help you and your wellness provider build a strong foundation for success on your unique wellness journey. 

Personalized Wellness Through Genetic Testing

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